Below is a preview of some of our services

Creating and curating content for employee or management handbooks + associated policies –The power of every single word matters. Let us take the time to ensure you are mitigating legal risks while ensuring a mutual benefit to your employees in feeling well-trained, protected, and empowered with the right framework and approach.

Vetting and building a robust business case and subsequent implementation guidance of HR technologies (ATS, Payroll, Benefits, etc.) – There are hundreds of options to choose from in providing cloud-based, self-service, and integrated human capital management systems. But knowing the right questions to ask and angles through which to look at each step of the buyer’s journey through to implementation phasing, makes all of the difference in the ultimate ROI and soft landing of your new or upgraded tools. Let us be your guide!

Building a strategy to co-author a creative and a full-fledged company culture document, recognition program, as well as associated employee branding initiatives – Let’s face it. Your talent is your secret weapon and knowing how to soul search to draft a genuine employee value prop built from the story of where you came from and where you are going, all steeped within a rich and visible set of cultural values, is integral to your building an enduring business that attracts and retains the best people.