Is your careers site accessible?

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A recent Supreme Court action on a notable website accessibility case may be a reminder for HR to take action. A recent survey found that nearly all [...]

Employers are doubling down on financial wellness. Is it helping?

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Data shows that 69% of workers are stressed about their finances, with 72% worrying about their personal finances at work. More than twice as many companies offer [...]

VIDEO: Coaching platform wins HR Tech 2019 Pitchfest

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When it comes to using artificial intelligence in hiring, tread carefully. Hogan Assessments shares the secrets of how to avoid the AI trap. Emerging Tech can do [...]

Just how big is the freelancing market? You may be surprised

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A new report finds freelancers doing skilled services earn a median rate of $28 an hour. Approximately 57 million Americans consider themselves freelancers, according to a new [...]

How will the Supreme Court vote on LGBTQ protections?

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A closely divided vote—in either direction—is looking extremely likely. After hearing oral arguments earlier this week, it seems there exists a sole certainty regarding the U.S. Supreme [...]

How Hispanics could impact the future economy

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As Hispanic Heritage Month draws to a close, a new report highlights the economic potential of the rapidly growing Hispanic workforce. When it comes to understanding the [...]