As the industry is gearing up to accept the new industrial-technological revolution, unconventional HR tactics are becoming more and more mainstream. One of these ways includes conducting video interviews. It is imperative for both hiring managers and the candidates to better prepare themselves and adapt to the unconventional yet certainly more effective interviewing method.

What Is Video Interviewing?

A video interview is like an efficient job interviewing tactic that not only helps save time, but its environmental friendliness reduces the carbon print of the candidates.

This type of job interviewing method uses video technology as a medium to communicate remotely. There are two main video interviewing types, i.e., synchronous and asynchronous.

Synchronous interviews are known for being substitutes for traditional in-person interviews. In this type of interview, both the interviewer and the candidate are in attendance and live via the internet.

On the other hand, an asynchronous interview is a type of video interview in which a candidate answers a few pre-asked questions in recorded form. This is beneficial as it provides the job seeker the time to think over the questions and record the video at a time convenient to them. This type of job interview does not require a hiring manager to be present at the time of the interview. They can see the response of the candidate at a time convenient to them.

5 Video Interview Tips

Some common video interviewing tips to nail your interview are:

  1. Conduct interviews in a room that is well-lit, quiet, and free from disturbance. It is better to silence or remove as many distractions as you can
  2. Test the technology before you start and make sure all the devices are working properly
  3. Make sure your appearance is professional and that you dress to impress.
  4. In the video preview, make sure you are framing yourself from the chest up and that your face is visible.
  5. All your attention must focus on the task at hand, which means no multitasking. Your body language must convey your full attention.

Nifty Tools for Video Interviewing

While tools like HireVue and Interactly have structures specially built and suited to interview candidates either live or via recorded videos, some tools are easily and affordably available. These tools include:


Much like Skype, Zoom is a platform primarily used for videoconferencing. It is an inexpensive tool that lets you save and share videos in mp4 format. It also allows users to see each other screens via its “screenshare” feature.

Google Hangout

A google hangout interview only requires a google account. Unfortunately, Because of its simplicity and ease of use, many scammer companies have used it to fool honest people. An authentic company will confirm an appointment before the interview, and all their provided credentials will match that of the company.

Go To Meeting

Go To Meeting also allows its users to communicate via video conferencing. The difference in this platform lies in its high-quality features like screen sharing, VoIP audio, and quality webcams, all in one session.

Hiring Manager’s Video Interview Etiquettes

In addition to the tips mentioned above, hiring managers should keep in mind the following etiquettes.

  • You should have a good internet connection, and a webcam placed correctly.
  • You have agreed upon a time, with the candidate that is convenient for everyone.
  • Your staging lacks any visual clutter or disturbance and is representing the image of your company flawlessly.

Candidate’s Video Interview Etiquettes

Before, during, or at the closing of the interview, a candidate should take care of the following:

  • Your digital presence is professional
  • You know about the company engaging you
  • You have switched off all mobile or any other noisy devices.
  • You are providing short, and relevant answers, supported by citation
  • Pay attention to you as well as the interviews body language and non-verbal communication
  • Don’t pre-read answers and always end with a thank you.