Hourly Recruiting and Project Based Hiring

We believe our uniqueness is in our dedication to speed. We’re talking about a 48-hour turnaround time in many cases. But, co-authoring a strategy where we zoom into results requires that we build a trusted partnership with you. And so, we intend to keep an open line of communication and a nimble flexibility to meet any and all of your needs to ensure you are satisfied, throughout the entirety of our relationship.

We are pleased to offer a straightforward and precise approach to which our clients have benefited from a measurable savings of nearly 75% on net costs in contrast to traditional contingency contracts. Our transparent and pragmatic cost estimate is based on actual hours worked which saves you a ton of money and ultimately gains you the best ROI – a return that includes the exact quality and quantity balance of talent with exact fits to you and your organization’s cultural, experiential, and unique needs for each role.

Temporary Staffing & Temp to Perm

Fine-tuning your approach to utilize the best resources within the “gig economy” means that you are innovative in your need to find specialized skills for a particular amount of time. This duration could be finite or extend as long as you need. OpExpert is equipped to find that precise need based on any number of your specifications.