OpExpert has been working with Business to achieve effective recruitment goals. The recruiting services at OpExpert facilitate perfect matchmaking between the sea of employments available in the market and the multitudes of prospective employees.


Why OpExpert Recruiting Services?

• Our core competency is experienced recruitment experts who work closely with you to plan and manage the recruiting process that we can identify appropriate, high-quality candidates for consideration
• OpExpert Recruiting Services has a strong background in using search and selection to enlist to key positions in all sectors.
• We have used a wide range of carefully chosen tools to identify suitable candidates to ensure applicable assessment and selection methods are used to test the capability and organizational/Project fit.
• We take pride in assisting you following successful placement, placing a great deal of emphasis on post-placement support to guarantee a smooth transition into the company.

Recruiting Consulting Services
At OpExpert, we strongly believe that a company is only as good as the employees that work there. Our recruiting consulting services are designed for you based on your needs and wants. We offer recruiting consulting services through either project-based, contingency, or direct placement.

From hiring new employee’s process to direct placement, we have the right set of skills to fulfill your needs. Our recruiters have a successful track record in retail, healthcare, corporate placements, and technology.

We make sure every candidate is a cultural fit for your company. We work with you to determine your ideal candidate and establish a process that meets your needs. We are dedicated to working with you to help you grow your business.

Retaining the employees you want can be challenging. Let us help you learn why 80 percent of employees work HARDER for an empathetic company, and 60 percent of employees would take a pay cut for an empathetic company. We will assist you in developing a retention strategy to help you retain your best employees.

From developing interview questions to sourcing techniques that match your organization’s culture – we can train your workforce on top recruiting techniques and strategies to give your team the edge it needs to explore great talent.


For any business to grow, it is important to hire the right applicant. Given the fact that fraud and misconduct are possible threats when it comes to hiring, recruitment services companies have become extremely cautious. Therefore employee screening plays a vital role in verifying the background of the applicants and enable companies to take the right decision.

Companies keep looking at hiring good leaders as part of their growth plan. The challenge is to get
suitable alignment of the leader’s objectives with the directions of the company. We create high-impact solutions to increase the competitiveness of the business. Increasingly, the search has become very focused and specialized. We, bring in proficiency, network, and market research to our clients in identifying suitable leaders for their business.

At OpExpert, Our core expertise is matching the talent businesses requirements with the set of skills individuals have. As a preferred HR consultant, it is our responsibility to think broadly, identify and motivate the upcoming leaders to join our client organization that will compete in this modern age of complex and diverse customer markets. We have the vast industry knowledge and follow worldwide standards for acquiring talent across leadership levels, our recruiting methods, and assessment methods identify the best professional talent for any position.

Permanent Placement
At OpExpert, we specialized in offering permanent placement solutions, proficiency in connecting people, and approaching the prospective candidates, matching set of skill specified by our clients. OpExpert Recruiting Services is uniquely positioned to assure top-notch recruitment services.

OpExpert Recruiting Services work closely with an employer, identifying the strategic hiring and
growth needs, outlining the limits of a search, classifying the targets/ top talents at mid to top level of customers making an approach to the selected targets, managing and preparing clients’ and candidates’ expectations and brokering of an employment contract covering title/package /KPIs, etc.